The Washington Irving Middle School Gala, March 20, 2015, 7-11 p.m

Come to the Irving Middle School Gala.  The evening will include delicious food from Spinelli’s, live and silent auctions, music and dancing, and an opportunity to help the students at the Irving school.

The proceeds fund student field trips, new technology and arts programming.  Tickets will go on sale on January 30.  Please use the PayPal button to the right to Pay

The Washington Irving Middle School Mission

Washington Irving Middle is one of the premier Boston Public Schools.  It serves grades six through eight and is located in Roslindale, Massachusetts. At the Irving, our mission is to provide our students with the supports and expectations they need in order to have a significant impact on their community. By the end of 8th grade, our students will have the skills necessary to solve complex problems, read complex texts, and express a persuasive, clear understanding of the world around them. With their strong skills, they will feel responsible for, and be eager to support and lead their communities.  Each student will find his or her voice.

Core Values of the Irving Community: How we learn to “Walk Like a Warrior”

In order to find their voice, our students need feel deeply purposeful in their life as a student.  We teach our students to follow the Warrior values to help make our community both rigorous and nurturing.  We teach our students the following values:

Willpower, Awareness, Readiness, Responsibility, Integrity, Openness, Respect

What makes our school special?

The Irving Middle School teaches students how to find their “voice,” the skill to impact the people around them. All staff work together to ensure that our students “sweat” every day, work hard in every class. Our lessons engage our students in solving problems and expressing their opinions in ways that build resourcefulness, stamina and independence. Amidst this challenging academic environment, we offer supports and enrichment opportunities to enable students to reach their potential. After-school programs like Citizen Schools and counseling programs involving the Alliance for Inclusion and Prevention provide students with the nurturing they need to challenge themselves.  We also have a robust art program, offering students the opportunity to follow their passions in Visual Art, Drama, and Dance.